Black & White - Our Homemade Heritage

The Black and White houses (B&Ws) were built by the British Colonial Government in the 1900s for top ranking British officials, high court judges and plantation owners. These were subsequently handed over to the Singapore Government after Independence. Today, most of these remaining B&Ws are managed by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and put to adaptive reuse, breathing new life to these charming and iconic heritage gems.

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With more than a century of history, the B&Ws have become more than just a physical presence. Each B&W house has its own character and story to tell. The B&Ws served as a record book detailing the stories of tenants and occupants past and present. Through these stories, we get a glimpse of the lives of occupants who lived across different eras, separated by time yet tied together by the building they each once called home.

As the stories continue and pages are added on, the SLA set out to document and capture these stories in our publication, Black & White - Our Homemade Heritage.

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