Cambridge Conference 2017

The Cambridge Conference 2017 was held from 2-6 July in Oxford, United Kingdom. Attended by more than 100 global participants, the Conference saw presentations by 35 senior leaders from a diverse mix of backgrounds spanning government land administration, geospatial, geomatics and surveying, technology and statistics.

SLA's Chief Executive (CE), Mr Tan Boon Kai was invited by the organiser, Ordnance Survey, to chair a morning plenary of the Conference. The plenary discussed issues such as how geospatial technologies would evolve in the future, unlocking value from open and crowdsourced data and integrating cross-domain technological trends on the use of machine-learning algorithms and unified addresses for 'smart' census.

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SLA CE Tan Boon Kai sharing how Virtual Singapore can benefit citizens in a Virtual Stat

CE also shared Singapore's experience in building Virtual Singapore, a national 3D mapping project, and how national mapping and geospatial organisations can tap on geospatial information to better support citizen services in the future.

During the conference, Dr Victor Khoo, Senior Deputy Director, Land Survey Division co-chaired a Workshop with Professor Yaron Felus (Chief Scientist, Survey of Israel) titled 'Feeding the Geospatial needs of a city in 2027'. The participants discussed the need for more accurate and high-quality data to support the Smart Cities of the future, how cities can derive actionable intelligence from data, and the roles that the private sector and citizens could play, while balancing the need to uphold privacy and security of citizens.

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Dr Victor Khoo presenting on the geospatial data needs of Smart Cities of the future
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Invited delegates and speakers at the Cambridge Conference 2017 (Source: Ordnance Survey)