Visits by delegations from South Africa and Geneva

SLA hosted visits by the South African Gauteng Provincial Legislature’s Portfolio Committee on Infrastructure Development and the Geneva University’s High School of Landscape, Engineering and Architecture on 10 January and 7 February 2017 respectively. The delegations were led by the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Infrastructure Development, Ms Lindiwe Lasindwa, and Dr Bernd Domer, Professor of G-Struct, Analysis and Design of Structures.

The South African delegation was responsible for land procurement, building and maintenance of all government land and property in Gauteng, including offices, hospitals and schools. In this regard, they were keen to learn about SLA’s property management processes as well as acquisition of private property for public infrastructure.

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Senior Deputy Director, Geospatial & Data Division, Lewis Wu and Deputy Director, Land Survey Division, Dr Victor Khoo co-hosted Dr Bernd Domer from Geneva on 7 Feb 2017 together with GovTech colleagues

The Geneva delegation shared that Geneva faced similar challenges as Singapore in optimising land. Geneva was interested to learn how to keep all territorialrelated information up to date and accessible online. This was the delegation’s first visit to Singapore and they were also keen to learn about 3D mapping of Singapore from the Land Survey Division as well as Virtual Singapore from GovTech colleagues who were present to brief the visitors.