Duct Tape Party and Night Art Market at West Coast Viaduct

SLA collaborated with The Local People to organise the first-ever night Art Market on the State land under West Coast Viaduct on 21 January 2017. Visitors contributed to the duct tape public art installations and were entertained with live performances by local musicians and the screening of short films from the Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition.

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Art Market with an array of locally produced arts, crafts, delectables and food from Kerbside Gourmet
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Duct Tape Public Art
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Visitors lounging on the inflatable beds and enjoying the live performances and movie screening

SLA CE Tan Boon Khai said, “We are constantly looking into ways to creatively adapt State land and properties for interim use. Through ideas generated from public engagement, the land under West Coast viaduct has been fitted out with electricity as well as modular structures to facilitate the piloting of new concepts by social groups and entrepreneurs. We are pleased to launch this space with a night art market for the community.”

In an interview with CNA, SLA Deputy Director, Business Planning & Development, Yap Eai-Sy said, “We saw many successful examples, like in UK (where) viaduct spaces have been used for social entrepreneur groups, skate parks in Switzerland, and the flea market in Taiwan’s Shilin market, so we thought, why don’t we do it in Singapore for the benefit of the community.”

The land under West Coast Viaduct and modular office spaces are now available for short term lease from SLA. If you have a creative concept or a community project and would like to rent a space at this site or any of the available State land and properties managed by SLA, write in to SLA_Pty_Enquiry@sla.gov.sg for leasing details.