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Jointly organised by the Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) from 8 to 12 July 2018, the biennial World Cities Summit serves as a platform for government leaders and industry experts to address challenges, share integrated urban solutions and forge new partnerships.

SLA showcased our innovative contributions on optimising land resources as part of the Singapore Government Pavilion. These include OneMap, the Singapore Advanced Map and the Digital Underground project.

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Generic placeholder imageSenior Deputy Director, Land Survey Division, Dr Victor Khoo explains SLA’s innovations to visitors at the Singapore Government Pavilion

Built in-house using open source technology, OneMap makes available detailed, timely and updated information to the private, public and people sectors. The development phase was not easy. Justin Chua, from the Geospatial and Data Division, shares, “Each time before development of a certain phase, we will have to first identify the common issues, speak to stakeholders and conduct surveys to find out what the market needs before we can even begin developing the project.”

Also in the pipeline is Digital Underground, a research-to-application initiative that aims to establish a roadmap, best practices and technologies for mapping the underground utility networks. One of the case studies involves using the Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) technology to accurately survey buried utilities, with the idea of creating a more reliable utility map and subsequently helping us to reduce danger during excavation and prevent unnecessary delays. Dr Victor Khoo, Land Survey Division, says of the project, “With all these new insights, we will be able to deduce the constraints, costs or cost-benefits and make informed strategic decisions on land development in Singapore.”

The exhibition also displayed the capabilities of the Singapore Advanced Map (SAM), an integrated 2D/3D map system developed in-house by the Land Survey Division which provides comprehensive access to 3D information in supporting SLA’s role of land administration and land management. By combining 2D and 3D visualization, SAM showcases an integrated environment both above ground and underground, supporting different levels of details seamlessly and empowering decision-makers from various departments with enhanced spatial analytics capabilities that allows them to derive actionable insights from the dataset.

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Generic placeholder imageA visitor testing out the prototype of "Digital Underground", an initiative programme which aims to establish a roadmap, best practices and technologies for mapping underground utility networks

Innovation however, extends beyond technology and includes great ideas and creativity. SLA’s Leasing Division showcased creative ways to put our State properties to use, to ensure Singaporeans can benefit from the rustic and historical charm of these hidden gems. For example, SLA, together with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) awarded two blocks at Tanglin Village to COMO Lifestyle Pte Ltd, giving the area an edgy and artistic F&B concept that would further promote Tanglin Village as a unique lifestyle enclave.

Ms Serene Tey, from the Business Development Department, says “As the proposals are assessed on a price and quality evaluation criteria, it helps us to meet the needs and demands of the market better. This also gives an opportunity to smaller firms who may not be able to match the resources of their competitors but have great ideas that are highly relevant to what we envision and hope to achieve with the locations.”

The World Cities Summit provided the platform for SLA to share with both regional and international participants our land management efforts. With several other innovations currently under development, do keep a lookout for our next showcase in 2020. Till then, watch this space!

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Generic placeholder imageMs Serene Tey, from the Business Development Department, works with the different government agencies to put State properties to more creative uses


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