European Forum for Geography and Statistic

The 9th European Forum for Geography and Statistics was held in Paris from 15 to 17 November 2017. With the motto “Suitable, Reliable, Sustainable”, the Forum served as a platform for experts to share knowledge and best practices in areas such as the current development of UN-GGIM (United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management), management of census geography, confidentiality issues, big data and geospatial analysis.

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More than 150 experts and guests from over 30 countries such as Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Norway, South Korea and Finland attended the Forum to discuss policy and issues concerning the integration of spatial and statistical data for more decisive evidence-based decision-making.

SLA Director of Geospatial and Data, Mr Ng Siau Yong, chaired the Geospatial Analysis Best Practice Session. He shared the importance of integrating geospatial and statistical information for a holistic view of the economy, society and environment. SLA also gave a presentation on “Capturing the synergy of Geospatial and Statistics: A Singapore’s Perspective” which emphasized coordination, harmonisation and collaboration between statistical and geospatial establishments, so as to find clarity in complexity and deal with some of the most pressing global challenges today, such as transportation, housing, healthcare and security.

Overall, the 9th European Forum drove greater recognition on the importance of integrating geospatial and statistical data and stressed the continued effort needed to strengthen collaborations and joint initiatives by the spatial and textual community at all levels of public administration, both locally and globally. By working together, the geospatial and statistical community could drive greater development and use of textual and geospatial data and tools, to better address local and global challenges and the growing demand for spatial statistics.