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Generic placeholder imageThe iconic red-brick building of Pasir Panjang Power Station


With Singapore's rapid urbanisation, heritage buildings tend to fade into the background and be forgotten.

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) collaborated with local art market organiser The Local People to ignite interest in heritage buildings. On 22 August 2018, from 12 noon to 12 midnight, a public art market was held at the fabled Pasir Panjang "A" Power Station.

Singapore's second station, built almost three decades after St. James Power Station, powered Singapore's industrialisation until it was decommissioned in the 1980s.

For one day only, the public was able to get a rare glimpse of the iconic red-brick building normally closed to public. Themed AC/DC in celebration of the iconic property’s original raison d'etre on electrical flux, Ms Pin Goh, founder and creative director of The Local People explained, “AC/DC stands for alternative current versus direct current, it is also symbolic of the influx of both alternative and mainstream local art and music scene.”

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Generic placeholder imageThe public caught a rare glimpse of the colonial-era building, normally closed to the public
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Generic placeholder imageVisitors to the art market also uncovered many unique handicrafts and collectibles from local entrepreneurs and designers

The eclectic event featured a total of ten caged art exhibitions, showcasing multiple art forms from traditional acrylic paint to comic strips to contemporary art. A group of bikers showcased a wide range of beautiful vintage and custom motorbikes. The proud bike owners would also occasionally rev up their rides to thunderous echoes within the building. To entertain the young and young-at-heart, Uncle Ringo’s Trackless Choo Choo Train was there to take the visitors around on a ride.

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Generic placeholder imageYoung visitors were treated to a ride around the Power Station with Uncle Ringo’s Trackless Choo Choo Train

The second half of the event saw local musical talents take centre stage – as rock act Shirlyn + The UnXpected, alternate rock group Lunarin and acapella group The Apex Project, showcased their unique skills in this juxtaposition of styles.

Lead singer of Shirlyn + The UnXpected, Ms Shirlyn Tan was thrilled at having performed at such a special location, and said, “the acoustics of the venue gave the performances a natural reverberation that really made all the performers sound great!”

The night was then brought to a close with local musician Ginette Chittick laying a few groovy tracks for visitors to dance the night away.

Mr Yap Neng Giin, 36, who was a visitor to the event, shared that the day’s happenings were a different experience. He said, “I think it is a unique use of the land space and it definitely gave me something to do on a public holiday. It will definitely be fantastic if there will be more of such events at heritage locations.”

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Generic placeholder imageVisitors were in for a treat as local talents rocked out in the Power Station


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