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Meet Muhammad Ismail, our enforcement officer with a heart. Muhammad is always at the frontlines, explaining to a member of the public how encroachment or the illegal occupation of State land can affect the entire community, such as creating hotspots for mosquitoes to breed!

As an enforcement officer with the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), the expertise of Muhammad and his team is called upon to look into potential breaches of State land regulations and provide advice and guidance to those affected.

The job can be back-breaking. Working long hours outdoors, be it at humid forested areas or under secluded bridges are just part of a typical day for Muhammad. To help him do his job better, Muhammad is supported by SLA's Future Ready tech tools, utilising SLA’s applications such as Sigma, Oblivision and OneMap which allows him to have a better understanding of the terrain that he is inspecting. Despite the challenges, Muhammad prefers to think of each inspection as an adventure and views every day as a different challenge as cases always differ. He says, “We always learn new things from our case engagements and share these learning points within the team so that we can all do even better next time.”

Dealing with members of the public, Muhammad acknowledges that often times, breaches happen because people are unsure of the laws. For him, being understanding and empathetic are key requirements to being a good officer. Muhammad adds, “ There may be a reason why the person may be occupying the area in the first place and I try to put myself in their shoes. This can help us uncover situations which may require our assistance.”

Although the hours may be long and the work physically demanding, Muhammad is proud of his role as an enforcement officer. When asked what was the secret behind his success as an enforcement officer, he said without hesitation: “Passion and sincerity!”

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Generic placeholder imageFor Muhammad, being understanding and empathetic is crucial for the role


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