Tanglin Village Site Tour and Presentation

SLA was invited to share the development and evolution of Tanglin Village during MOE’s annual end-of-year review and planning session on 14 November 2016. The sharing session held at House @ Dempsey was attended by MOE Zonal Director Mrs Ng Ai Lin and Superintendents (Schools-South).

The session kicked off with a site tour which included routes between the large clusters and a walkabout into several key properties to give participants an “on the ground” experience. An illustration of the tour route is shown:

content image
Tour route of Tanglin Village site tour

At each stop, SLA shared the history and heritage of the area, as well as its current operations and future plans.

After the site tour, the group adjourned to House @ Dempsey for a light breakfast followed by a presentation of Tanglin Village covering topics such as:

  • Story of Tanglin Village and its development
  • Guiding philosophy and values
  • Concept – Preserve the past whilst evolving with times
  • Challenges and solutions
  • Skills and mindset adopted
  • Future of Tanglin Village

During the post-presentation discussion, participants contributed ideas on how the profile of Tanglin Village could be improved.

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FAQ session
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Zonal Director (Schools-South) Mrs Ng Ai Lin presenting SLA with tokens of appreciation

The session concluded with a presentation of tokens of appreciation by Zonal Director (Schools-South) Mrs Ng Ai Lin.