Optimising Singapore's land resources is SLA's overarching responsibility. We have a long and proud heritage, stretching back to the dawn of the colonial era in 1838, when SLA's predecessor issued Singapore's first State lease. Our strong heritage coupled with our people's creativity and dynamism propels us towards our vision of Limited Land • Unlimited Space. As with any progressive organisation, we need a regular infusion of fresh talent whom we can nurture and groom to lead SLA into the future. To achieve this, SLA offers Undergraduate Scholarship, tenable at the local and overseas universities.

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The Singapore Geospatial Scholarship is a collaboration among eight public agencies: SLA, BCA, GovTech, JTC, LTA, NEA, PUB, NParks and URA to offer local and overseas: undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships in geospatial and geospatial-related courses.

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