Limited Land Unlimited Space

"Limited Land Unlimited Space" – this creative paradox aptly highlights the nation's constraints and SLA's commitment in addressing them. The word "space" is multi-dimensional, encompassing realms from the physical to the digital. "Unlimited" represents the extent of our commitment in our quest for solutions and innovations that will contribute to the economic and social development of Singapore.


To optimise land resources for the economic and social development of Singapore.

We balance our economic and social needs while:

  • ensuring the best use of State land and buildings,
  • providing an effective and reliable land management system, including the issuance and guarantee of land titles and geo-spatial demarcation of land, and
  • enabling the full use of land information for better land management and creation of new business opportunities.

Core Values

  • Nation First
  • People Organisation
  • Innovation and Dynamism
  • Always Delighting Customers
  • Integrity and Professionalism