A picture paints a thousand words and this compilation of images captures the colours, sights and creative use of our State properties. They showcase State properties which are iconic landmarks at prominent locations, and are well-maintained and aesthetically-pleasing. SLA also makes available free casual and recreational community sites for all. It upholds a trustworthy and efficient property registration and spearheads the use of geospatial land information through a national collaborative environment where geospatial data, policies and technologies are integrated to foster innovation, knowledge and value creation for the government, enterprises and community.

SLA organised the “Celebrating Places and Memories” photo contest from 1 May to 12 June, in conjunction with our 15th anniversary. The contest featured our unique State properties such as Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, Old Kallang Airport and many others. We were delighted to receive a total of 650 entries in the Open and Instagram categories. These entries reflected the rich heritage, character and colourful history of our State buildings. View the winning entries below.

Celebrating Places and Memories


Corporate Video

It is important that scarce land resource be creatively and efficiently utilised for a city state like Singapore. Learn how SLA optimises land resources for the economic and social development of Singapore.


[Tenant Profile] - A Citizen Farm Story

SLA is constantly looking at innovative ways to adapt State land and properties for interim use to benefit the community. We work closely with agencies and the community who share our vision in transforming spaces and creating communities.




Events at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

SLA partnered PA to hold a carnival for residents at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station on 11 June 2016. Residents watched a movie screened outdoors from PA’s Be My Kaki bus, shopped at the farmers’ market and participated in exciting carnival activities – all within the iconic Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, one of Singapore’s most unique heritage sites. The event garnered positive reviews from the public and residents were delighted to hold the community event at such a special venue. SLA is committed to managing State properties and land for the benefit of all Singaporeans.