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Land Survey Services

Inspection of Survey Plans
After a lot number is assigned to a parcel of land or a property, a cadastral survey of the land is carried out to obtain an accurate measurement of the boundaries of the real property. The survey is required for or in connection with the registration of any title to the land or a property.

When the cadastral survey is completed, a survey plan, showing the location of the land/property and its boundaries, area, lot number, boundary marks emplaced on the land/ property and the approved coordinates, is lodged with the SLA. The plan has to be approved by and filed with the Chief Surveyor.

Survey plans
There are 2 types of plans:
  1. Registrar of Titles (RT) Plan
    These are survey plans prepared for the survey of subterranean lots, airspace lots, reclaimed lands and foreshore structures. The plans show the provisional boundaries and areas, which are subject to alteration upon final survey of the lots.
  2. Certified Plan
    These are survey plans prepared upon final survey of the land and strata lots. The plans are called Certified Plan (CP) for land lots and Strata Certified Plan (CPST) for strata lots.

Service standard

The service standard for the Chief Surveyor to approve the survey plans are:
  1. For processing RT job - Within 7 working days
  2. For processing CPST job - Within 10 working days
  3. For processing CP job - Within 10 working days
  4. For issuing new lot numbers - Within 2 working days

The time frame for the above service levels does not include any period of time for the following situation:
  1. The query period from the date the Chief Surveyor notifies the Registered Surveyor of any query to attend to the date the Registered Surveyor returns the job upon attending to the query.
  2. All Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
  3. Any period for which consultations are made with other parties to resolve any issue.

These periods, where applicable, are taken as stoppage time to offset such periods from the time frame of the service level.

Most frequent errors

The Survey Services of SLA processes surveys submitted by registered surveyors prior to the approval of these surveys. The most frequent errors associated with these surveys are listed as a guide for registered surveyors to minimise errors which could delay the approval process -

Major Errors

  No. Item  
  1. Lot number : Incorrect lot number and check alphabet  
  2. Lot boundaries : Not set up or incorrectly set up in the survey documents  
  3. Demarcation:
  1. Not following the original position of boundary
  2. Deviation from request for survey(RS) plan
  3. Incomplete
  4. Encroachment is not resolved
  4. Details :
  1. Not fully picked up
  2. Encroachment details not clearly defined
  3. Wall details not described as party wall or garden wall
  4. No offsets or radiations to details and party wall
  5. Details not described in Field Book
  5. SVY21 datum and ISN survey:
  1. Failure to install or connect to for 4 ISN markers
  2. Failure to adopt ISN survey procedures
  6. Area : Incorrect computation  
  7. Coordinates are not consistent with SVY21 values  
  8. Strata lot boundaries : Not agreeing with Building Plan or the approved or authorised subdivision plans  
  9. Floppy diskette containing lot/strata information
  1. Not submitted
  2. Incorrect format used for uploading in Lot Base System

Minor Errors

  No. Item  
  1. Boundary marks wrongly described  
  2. House numbers not shown on plan  
  3. Adjacent lot numbers and boundaries not shown or outdated  
  4. Extreme coordinates omitted or incorrectly shown on plan  
  5. Incorrect road names  
  6. Incorrect cadastral map numbers and grids  
  7. Incorrect Section 14(4) plan reference  
  8. Incorrect references of records  
  9. IRAS notification of addresses not submitted  
  10. Incorrect height on Elevation Sketch  

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