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Land Survey Services

SLA is responsible for the management and maintenance of the national land survey system. This facilitates the defining of boundaries or legal limits of properties.

Land Survey ServicesTowards this end, SLA provides a range of survey services including the setting up and maintenance of the Integrated Survey Network (ISN) and Precise Levelling Benchmarks (PLBM); the allocation of Lot Numbers; the inspection and approval of cadastral surveys, as well as survey plans, maps and records.

Surveyors use the ISN survey control points, managed by SLA's survey control network team, to initiate their survey work. ISN is a network of primary and secondary survey control points SLA has set up using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. GPS is a tool capable of providing location information (coordinates) almost instantaneously and with much precision. This makes for faster gathering and processing of land survey data at SLA.

To enhance our services to the industry and the public through the harnessing of modern technology, we introduced the SVY21 system which is based on the coordinated cadastre concept, a new method of recording land information, which allows for more accurate and consistent cadastral surveys.

SLA also allocates land lot numbers and strata lot numbers, and maintains an inventory of land parcels in the Lots Base System (LBS).

Under the provisions of the Land Surveyors Act and the Boundaries and Survey Maps Act, the Chief Surveyor of SLA inspects cadastral survey work and approves survey plans. We also maintain a record of land boundary (cadastral) information and plans in electronic form.

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