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Management of State Land and Buildings

Special Schemes

Short-Term Rental of State Properties for Filming (SRF) Programme
SLA is working together with the Media Development Authority (MDA) to realise Singapore's vision to become a vibrant global media city, while optimising the use of vacant State properties.
Special Scheme
SLA had studied the various types of vacant properties under our care and discovered that buildings such as old hospitals, army camps, police stations and schools make for compelling film sets. Some of our old buildings sport unique period design features, such as spiral staircases, old mosaic tiling or colonial style architecture, which are particularly interesting to filmmakers.

Special SchemeOn 1 December 2004, SLA and MDA jointly launched the Short-Term Rental of State Properties for Filming (SRF) Programme, which helps TV and film production companies and independent filmmakers rent vacant State properties. These media firms can rent a comprehensive and varied list of properties as temporary sets or production offices on a short-term basis at a preferential rate. Through this programme, we hope to both nurture Singapore's homegrown TV and film industry and attract international filmmakers to shoot movies and TV shows here.

So far, SLA and MDA have identified a list of vacant State properties, which are updated regularly:

Click here to view the properties available

How to Apply
The programme is open for applications all year around. Application forms and criteria for application can be found at the Singapore Film Commission website.

Both local and foreign TV and film production companies and filmmakers are welcome to apply. In particular, we strongly encourage TV and film production companies and filmmakers without a permanent production office to take advantage of this scheme.

SLA-EDB Global Schoolhouse Project
Contributing to Singapore's aspiration to become a global knowledge hub, SLA identifies suitable vacant State properties for EDB to market to interested private education institutions. Such properties include former school premises, hospitals, army camps and government offices.

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