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Management of State Land and Buildings

Rental of State Buildings
Rental of State Buildings SLA seeks to put vacant State properties not earmarked for immediate development to optimal use in the interim period. The properties range from residential, commercial, industrial to institutional. State-owned properties which are available for rental are managed either by SLA or our managing agents.
  • SLA-managed properties, comprising mainly premises previously used for schools, community centres and camps, are available for rental generally only through tender. Besides open tender, SLA also conducts the Ideas Tender Scheme.
  • Agent-managed properties, mainly residential and commercial, can be rented directly from the agents.

You can view State properties available for rental and make an on-line request for a site-showround at our State Property Information Online (SPIO).

The interim use tenure for State properties varies. Some are rented out through tenancies where the tenure depends on the development time-frame for the properties, while others are rented out through Temporary Occupation Licenses (TOLs). TOLs either cover a fixed short term or are renewable on a monthly or yearly basis.

Click for Advice to prospective sub-tenants

Guide for tenderers
  • The Tender Document outlines the "guide rental", which indicates the rent that the property would fetch under prevailing market conditions.
  • Prospective tenderers are advised to bid according to their assessment of the rent they are willing and able to pay. Past tender awards are provided to help you in your assessment.

    Click here to view the tender awards in 2004.
    Click here to view the tender awards from 2005.
    Click here to view the awards under the RentDirect Scheme from 2005.

  • No addition and alteration work are to be undertaken without the prior written approval of the SLA and the relevant authorities. If addition and alteration works are required, the tenant should engage competent professionals to submit plans, drawings and calculations to the relevant authorities for approval before any work begins. Rentals may be revised following the completion of such work.
  • Unless expressly provided for in the tenancy agreements, successful tenderers are not allowed to sublet the properties without approval from SLA in writing.

Ideas Tender Scheme
  • Entrepreneurs with new and innovative ideas on how State properties can be best used to fit their business strategies may see their ideas realised under SLA's Ideas Tender Scheme. The scheme, launched on 26 August 2005, aims at recognising and encouraging businessmen and entrepreneurs to pursue innovative ideas for uses of State properties.
  • The pilot scheme allows businessmen and entrepreneurs to provide new or alternative ideas, instead of restricting them to the pre-approved uses. SLA will not reveal the ideas submitted in the tenders. The successful tenderer's idea can only be revealed at an appropriate time after the winning tender is awarded. This scheme is in line with the First Mover Framework and it safeguards the interest of all tenderers while allowing new or alternative ideas to be considered. Under the new scheme, when SLA places a State property for tender, businessmen and entrepreneurs are encouraged to submit their bids to use the property for any of the approved uses. In addition, they can also submit a maximum of two alternative offers. The idea that is selected must meet planning guidelines and be approved by the competent authorities. Please click here to find out how the scheme works.

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