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Management of State Land and Buildings
Land has to be safeguarded for Singapore's future needs. Where land is slated for releases through land sales, we play a regulatory role in ensuring that land is properly checked and prepared for sale, as well as that sales processes comply with statutory requirements. SLA performs these functions through our own Land Sales projects and with the other agents of the Government Land Sales Programme.

imgWe assist the Government in its land acquisition programme and pave the way for the development of vital community and infrastructural facilities for our nation and her people.

As most of State land and properties are not immediately needed for development, it is possible to put them to good economic use in the interim period.

This offers an alternative source of space supply for businesses to meet their expansion needs and start-up of new ventures. Some of the land and buildings are also set aside for social and community use.

In addition, as the central authority for administering State land and buildings, SLA plays an important role of safeguarding past government reserves by ensuring that complete and accurate records on State land and buildings are maintained.

Maintenance of State Land and Buildings
Our Building Management and Land Management Teams ensure that all vacant State land and buildings are taken care of with basic, reasonable maintenance until and while they are leased for interim uses.

There are two aspects of maintenance, namely corrective and preventive maintenance. The teams handle preventive maintenance, i.e., identifying common problem areas and implementing concrete preventive action plans to eliminate the problem. Sometimes, in response to public feedback and information received from public agencies, corrective maintenance is carried out just in time to arrest the problem.

Some functions that a Land/Building Management Officer has to perform on a regular basis are as follow:

  • conduct regular site inspection and rectification,

  • ensure regular house keeping, vector control and grass-cutting for the sites,

  • ensure the structural integrity of all vacant State buildings,

  • represent SLA in the Estate Upgrading Programme (EUP), and

  • enforce any encroachment onto State land and buildings.

Facts and Figures
Of the total land area of Singapore, about 58% or 41,000 hectares are State owned. This figure excludes land that has been sold to statutory boards. The various government ministries and other State organs use almost two-thirds of Government land. SLA manages the rest.

We also manage State properties with a total gross floor area (GFA) of about 3.8 million sqm, ranging from residential, commercial, industrial to institutional. These properties are let out by tender in a variety of ways. They can be rented based on Tenancy Agreements (TAs) with or without a renewal option. Alternatively, Temporary Occupation Licences (TOLs) are issued.

  • Temporary Occupation Licence (TOL)
    TOL is a licence for the temporary use of State land and buildings for a short fixed term or on a monthly or yearly renewable basis. Licensees are permitted to use the properties for specified purposes only.
  • Tenancy Agreement (TA)
    TA entitles interested parties to rent State land and properties for a fixed, longer period, up to a maximum of 3 years for each term.

Late Payment Interest Rate
For any licence from or tenancy with, the Collector of Land Revenue, Singapore Land Authority, which has a provision stipulating that interest payable on any overdue payments of fees, rents and other charges shall be based on the prevailing late payment interest rate as determined by the Government of the Republic of Singapore from time to time to be applicable and chargeable on any such overdue payments, please refer to the Table set out below:

PeriodPrevailing Late Payment Interest Rate
With effect from 1st September 068% per annum

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