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The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Law. Our main focus is on land resource optimisation. This is a critical role in Singapore, where land is used for a wide range of activities.

We have 2 main roles: developmental and regulatory.

Firstly, we are responsible for the management of State land and buildings, land sales, leases, acquisitions and allocation, developing and marketing land-related information and maintaining the national land information database.

In our regulatory role, we are the national land registration authority. We are also responsible for the management and maintenance of the national land survey system.

About UsHistory
The SLA was formed on 1 June 2001 when the Land Office, Singapore Land Registry, Survey Department and Land Systems Support Unit were merged. Since then, we have built upon their rich and diverse experience to bring a fresh perspective to the challenge of optimising our State land and buildings, a critical resource for a wide range of activities.

  • We nurture an environment where the best practices and ideas on land and resource administration and management are generated and adopted. With our multi-disciplinary team of estate professionals, planners, researchers, lawyers and surveyors, every project can become a forum for new ideas to flourish.
  • We have a network of strategic alliances and partnerships in both the public and private sectors. By working closely with them, we create and help extract greater value for State properties and assets.

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