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Rental of State Land

           Since 2003, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has been opening up State land to the public for community use. This initiative was mooted by Senior Minister of State for Law & Home Affairs and President of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee. Today, 287 State fields are open for public use so that instead of being just green lungs, the public can enjoy using them.

These 287 fields, which were identified from public feedback, cover almost 583ha (equivalent to some 817 football fields). Located throughout Singapore, with more than half near housing estates, these fields are easily accessible by the public. SLA improved all 287 sites so that they will be even safer and more conducive for the public to enjoy their activities on. Besides regular basic maintenance, SLA went one step further to improve the ground by turfing and leveling it to eliminate potholes, and making it more solid by compacting the earth.

Today, many of these sites have become popular with different groups of users. Some are regular grounds for motorized kite-flyers; others see senior citizens playing gateball on them. SLA is glad to see the way that the communities have integrated these sites into their social lives, and at the same time, livening up the heartlands with their activities.

(2)            Adopt-a-field programme

To inculcate in the public a sense of ownership and responsibility for such fields, SLA introduced the "Adopt-A-Field" (AAF) programme in 2007. The programme encourages private sector organisations and grassroot organisations to "adopt" any of the 287 fields. Organisations may select fields for adoption based on proximity or other reasons. State field adopted are still open to the public for community uses at no charge.

The AAF programme provides a platform for corporate organisations or grassroots organisations to further their corporate mission, whether it is to organize activities for a pre-identified group or for the general public. As such, the guidelines for AAF are as follows:-

i) Adopters do not have exclusive use of the site. No fencing or infrastructure is allowed.
ii) SLA/HDB will continue to conduct basic maintenance the site. Adopters can bring up the standard of the fields at their own cost.
iii) If an adopter wants to have exclusive use of the adopted field, he will have to take up a Temporary Occupation License (TOL) and pay a license fee according to its usage.

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