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The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) announced today that an extension of the Woodlands Checkpoint (WCP) will be built at the Old Woodlands Town Centre (OWTC), as part of its efforts to upgrade the WCP.

2             The ICA regularly reviews its checkpoint processes and infrastructure. Since the opening of WCP in 1999, traveller and vehicle volumes through WCP have been increasing over the years while the security threat has heightened significantly. The WCP has to be upgraded to meet growing traffic needs and ensure that immigration clearance remains secure. ICA is conducting a feasibility study to determine the optimal design of the WCP extension and the full extent of upgrading and redevelopment works required.

3             The OWTC site will enable upgrading works to be progressively carried out at the existing WCP without compromising checkpoint operations. It will eventually become an extension of WCP to increase overall clearance capacity and to enhance security.

4          Two lots of private land within the OWTC, located immediately east of the current WCP, will need to be acquired to build the extension of WCP. 

5          The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has gazetted the acquisition of the affected land today. SLA will work closely with the affected owners and tenants, and assist them throughout the acquisition process.

6             The notification of the land affected by the acquisition has been published in the Gazette on 30 Mar 2017.  The Gazette Notification No. 771 dated 10 Mar 2017 can be found online at www.egazette.com.sg. The affected private property is listed as follows:


Lot No

Area in sqm

Extent of


Relevant Street Address





270 Woodlands Centre Road





268 Woodlands Centre Road

7             A plan of the affected land can be inspected during normal office hours at the office of the Collector of Land Revenue, Singapore Land Authority from Monday to Friday except Public Holidays. Any person who wishes to claim an interest in compensation on account of the acquisition, but has not received an acquisition notice, may contact the office of the Collector of Land Revenue, Singapore Land Authority at 1800 323 9829 to arrange for an inquiry to state the nature of his interests in the land, the amount and particulars of his claims to compensation for his interest, the basis or mode of valuation by which the amount claimed is arrived at and his objections, if any, to the measurements of the land to be acquired.

8             Should you require additional information, you may also call the following hotlines: 

i.              For matters pertaining to the extension of Woodlands Checkpoint

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority:                   6391 6100

       ii.            On land acquisition  matters                                  

    Singapore Land Authority (SLA):                         1800 323 9829